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Classic Bond EPDM 1.2mm And 1.5mm

Professional grade EPDM membranes are all BBA approved and available in 1.2mm and premium 1.5mm thicknesses.

These roofing membranes may be used for new singleply roof construction and re-roofing applications. Available in widths of up to 15m (50’) and lengths of up to 30.5m (100′).

  • Maintenance free waterproof membrane
  • Does not crack, split or rot
  • UV stable
  • Does not support moss or algae growth
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe to install – the system is laid with cold applied adhesives
  • One piece sheet equals no joints… no leaks

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Duoply (Reinforced) EPDM

  • DuoPly™ EPDM membrane is comprised of a EPDM laminated to polyester reinforcement layer.
  • Improved tear resistance, 180% greater than comparable non-fleece reinforced flat roof membranes.
  • Provides 40% greater puncture resistance than comparable non-fleece reinforced roofing membranes
  • Allows old flat roof repair without removal
  • Adheres to almost all flat roofing substrates
  • A full range of components and details for a complete watertight, flat roof system.
  • Less roofing material to load onto the roof, finished installation of under 2 kg/m²
  • Fast and reliable installation and no open flames on the roof.
  • External fleece reinforcement creates a very thick 2.54mm sheet
  • 34% fewer seams than Modified Bitumen with DuoPly™ 1.52m wide EPDM Roofing membrane
  • Ideal for repair, renewal or new build

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GE Enduris (silicone)

Advantages of GE High Solids Silicone: 

• Easy, one coat application 

• Primerless adhesion to most substrates 

• Best-in-class elongation 

• Superior UV resistance

 • Abrasion resistance 

• Severe weather resistance

 • Unaffected by standing water

 • Ultra-low VOC

 • Versatile temperature application range: -17°C - 49°C; call if substrate > 49°C 

• Environmentally responsible; solvent free

• 3rd party independent warranty inspection

 • Efficient warranty administration 

• 10, 15 and 20 years available

 Enduris 3504 Enduris 3500 series roof coating is currently available in nominal 21.59 KG plastic pails.

 GE Enduris Roof Coating Restores and Extends the life of ;









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