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Classic Bond / Duo Ply EPDM

We no longer fit traditional felt as we want to give customers a better product and greater value for their money with its proven performance on roofs 30 years after being fitted still doing the same great job as when fitted from day one..

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LMB LTD FLAT ROOFING is your local RubberBond roofing contractor

LMB LTD Flat Roofing is your local RubberBond roofing contractor

Our RubberBond membrane is strong, versatile and waterproof — perfect for a long-lasting roof.

If you are looking for RubberBond roofers in the East Anglia region or any other part of the UK, then look no further than LMB LTD Flat Roofing. Our team is qualified and experienced in installing this superior rubber roofing product for domestic and commercial flat roofing projects alike. So, whether you need to fix a leak or want to replace the roof with a more high-performance system, our strong, safe and durable RubberBond FleeceBack™ EPDM roofing solution is the ideal option.

What is RubberBond roofing?

RubberBond roofing refers to a specific type of ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) roofing membrane that is applied by flat roofers. RubberBond FleeceBack™ EPDM is popular with flat roofing specialists for both commercial and domestic sites, due to the fact that the single-ply membrane is incredibly clean and efficient to install, as well as offering superior durability and long-lasting performance. Its unique selling point is its fleece backing, which enhances its strength and means that it can be applied to a wide range of roofing surfaces.

Our RubberBond FleeceBackEPDM also features factory-applied tape (FAT™) – a unique offering from the product’s manufacturer, Carlisle SynTec. While a membrane’s seam is usually applied during installation, FAT™ is implemented in a factory-controlled setting beforehand. This is beneficial for a number of reasons: –

  1. It reduces time and labour during the roof installation process;
  2. It lowers any risk of human error;
  3. It enables flat roofers to produce a seam with uniform width and thickness. The EPDM membrane also needs 67 per cent fewer seams than a modified bitumen version, which again reduces time and increases efficiency. The seams can be bonded to other roofing systems and materials, which makes it versatile and convenient for domestic and commercial roof projects of all shapes and sizes.

Widespread approval

RubberBond FleeceBackEPDM is a high-quality and reliable EPDM roofing material. It has been approved by the British Board of Agrément (BBA), which certifies that it has a lifespan of more than 35 years, and its high-performance waterproofing system has been accepted by the National House Building Council (NHBC). It also achieves the highest European fire ratings. It is an innovative roofing product that is trusted by flat roofers around the UK to make your domestic or commercial property’s flat roof strong, long-lasting and leak-free.


The benefits of RubberBond FleeceBack™ EPDM

Homeowners will benefit from the peace of mind that their roof is as waterproof as possible – with the EPDM material repelling all moisture and ensuring that the roof and property are safe from water damage. The long-lasting membrane is resistant to the impact of weather and other factors, meaning that it does not crack over time. In fact, RubberBond’s durability assessment showed that the product will function just as well after 30 years as on the day that it was installed! For homeowners, this reduces any risk of roof repairs further down the line.

For commercial property developers or building contractors, our RubberBond FleeceBack™ EPDM roofing system offers the convenience of a safe, smooth and quick installation – as well as an incredible product for your client, of course! We do not use heat or flames when installing the membrane, and we are able to complete the project quickly so that disruption within your building is minimised. Our RubberBond roofers are able to apply the membrane efficiently to roofs of all sizes and shapes, making the product ideal for commercial projects.

The LMB LTD Flat Roofing team enjoys the versatility that RubberBond FleeceBackEPDM offers, as it means that the product can be used for projects of all kinds – from roof repairs, renovations and overlayments to new builds and waterproofing for green and living roofs.


How does our product compare to other EPDM roofing systems?

RubberBond FleeceBackEPDM is stronger, longer-lasting, quicker to install and more durable than standard EDPM roofing systems. To be specific, it is twice as strong, with the 2.6mm-thick fleece-reinforced sheet offering 40 per cent more puncture resistance and 180 per cent more tear resistance than a standard 1.52mm-thick sheet of EPDM. On top of this, the FAT™ seams are 75 per cent faster to install and offer 30 per cent more strength than standard seams. So, while standard rubber roofing is an excellent roofing material, RubberBond FleeceBackEPDM enhances the benefits to ensure a superior-quality roof.

Your local RubberBond roofing installers

LMB LTD Flat Roofing is delighted to be an approved RubberBond installer. We received our approval following a training course with RubberBond, and are fully qualified to install this exceptional product at domestic and commercial sites across the whole of the UK. We can offer a range of warranties, including insurance-backed guarantees and 20-year commercial guarantees, giving you complete peace of mind about the product’s quality.

If you would like to find out more about RubberBond FleeceBackEPDM or another of our services, or to get a free, no-obligation quotation, Call Stephen on 07415655984 or 01945774145.....




Single component liquid

 LQD-R is a single component liquid waterproofing system which offers significant advantages over conventional PU and PMMA systems. Fully reinforced with a polyester membrane, it cures quickly and can be applied under practically any conditions, even on cold days and on most surfaces. 



  cost effective wet-on-wet system Water repellent on application Non hazardous – low odour, no solvents Ready to use, single liquid component Can be applied all year round above 0°C No wastage – product can be stored and reused* Cold applied – no heat or flame Fully reinforced with polyester fabric Ideal for complex detailing Excellent elasticity and tensile strength 20 Year product warranty *Sealed and stored between 4°C – 32°C 


General Applications

 New build, repair or refurbishment projects Flat roofs, balconies, terraces, walkways Complex detailing, upstands, penetrations and terminations Recoating failed single ply roofs Fountains and water features Warm roofs, cold roofs, and inverted warm roofs Green roofs, brown roofs and living walls Internal plant rooms and wet rooms Heritage properties and lead replacement Waterproofing gutters, valley gutters and drainage channels Waterproofing asbestos or fibre cement Waterproofing profiled metal roofs Wind turbine posts 

GE ENDURIS (Silicone)


Roof life extension

Why go to the cost of ripping up your old roof coating when we could cover it and extend the life for 10,15,or even 20 years


Restore virtually any roof covering...

If the existing roof is structurally sound we can cover the following systems,



bituminous membranes

single ply membranes TPO,  EPDM, PVC                         

 For application to other substrates please contact us...

 all require a pull test done prior to system fitting



Before you make a final decision on what to do about your roof allow us to come and give you a second option which could save you thousands of pounds and more importantly stop any  disruption to either your company, tenants, 

and have the reassurance we are supported right back to the manufacturer.

Green Roofs


Let LMB LTD Flat Roofing help your roof to flourish

Green roofs are increasingly a norm in building design. Policies for green roofs feature in the Local Plans of three of the principal urban centres  namely Cambridge, London and Milton Keynes.

These water-retaining, climate-regulating, wildlife-friendly features are being written into local planning policy in increasingly stronger terms. For example, the recently adopted Cambridge City Local Plan (October 2018) now stipulates that development is only permitted where all flat roofs are created as either green roofs or brown (biodiverse) roofs. 

The Plan also states that green roofs should be widely used in large-scale new communities.

A majority of green roofs currently consist of sedums or succulents, but as these are most often non-native species, they have limited potential for supporting our native wildlife. 

Roof habitats which use native plant species and wildflowers have significantly greater biodiversity value and can deliver the same water retention and climate-regulating services as sedum roofs. They also often require less ongoing attention.

Furthermore, there is potential to mimic surrounding habitats by appropriate selection of substrate and locally-sourced seed mixes. For example, the London Borough of Sutton’s Local Plan (February 2018) recommends that green roofs should simulate the grassland habitats of the North Downs. 

The chalky soils surrounding Cambridge City support locally and nationally rare calcareous grassland habitat, which in turn supports several rare plants. A roof rich in calcareous plants would make a significant contribution to the conservation of this rare habitat, as well as supporting a host of other rare chalk grassland specialist invertebrates.

Native habitats do in some cases take longer to establish than sedum mats, but the benefits more than outweigh the waiting time. The green roof on the David Attenborough Building in Cambridge is one such example of a slow-establishing rooftop ecosystem – one which is now flourishing and paying dividends for native pollinators.

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